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ATESAssociation of Teachers of English in Senegal
ATESAquifer Thermal Energy Storage
ATESAvalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (Parks Canada)
ATESAEGIS Tactical Executive System
ATESARINC Technical Excellence Society
ATESAdvanced Threat Emitter System (aka Joint Threat Emitter)
ATESArran-Tara Elementary School (Canada)
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Indeed, they all ate from tin dishes, but these were of pretty shapes and brightly polished; Dorothy thought they were just as good as silver.
The young queen, kind-hearted by nature and curious by disposition, praised Fouquet, ate with an exceedingly good appetite, and asked the names of the strange fruits as they were placed upon the table.
Our greatest Champion, Overman-Anu, once climbed the spiral stairway and fought nine days with the Gargoyles before he could escape them and come back; but he could never be induced to describe the dreadful creatures, and soon afterward a bear caught him and ate him up."
It is true, I sometimes made a shift to catch a rabbit, or bird, by springs made of YAHOO'S hairs; and I often gathered wholesome herbs, which I boiled, and ate as salads with my bread; and now and then, for a rarity, I made a little butter, and drank the whey.
At Gravier's where they ate, and in the evening at the Versailles or at the Closerie des Lilas Clutton was inclined to taciturnity.
I split the melons with an old corn-knife, and we lifted out the hearts and ate them with the juice trickling through our fingers.
At twelve- thirty I ate dinner and in the afternoon I swam and rode.
After a while we rose from it, refreshed indeed, and fell to on our "biltong," of which we had scarcely been able to touch a mouthful for twenty-four hours, and ate our fill.
Those of the household Jerry recognized as slaves or servants to Agno, and he knew when they fed him that the food he ate proceeded from Agno and was Agno's food.
To such extremity were the gods driven that they ate the soft- tanned leather of their mocassins and mittens, while the dogs ate the harnesses off their backs and the very whip-lashes.
A MAN to Whom Time Was Money, and who was bolting his breakfast in order to catch a train, had leaned his newspaper against the sugar- bowl and was reading as he ate. In his haste and abstraction he stuck a pickle-fork into his right eye, and on removing the fork the eye came with it.
He requested that the Wolf pull it out, lest when he ate him it should injure his throat.