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ATF3Activating Transcription Factor 3
ATF3AiResearch Turbofan No. 3 (turbofan aircraft engine)
ATF3Airesearch Turbofan 3 Spool Aircraft Engine
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and her team, found that ATF3 triggers immune cells to act erratically.
2009) The ubiquitously expressed bZIP inhibitor, JDP2, suppresses the transcription of its homologue immediate early gene counterpart, ATF3.
The first contains members of the Jun, Fos, and ATF subgroups of transcription factors (C-FOS, FOSB, C-JUN, JUNB, ATF3, ATF4, ATF5) that form AP-1 dimers implicated in the regulation of cell proliferation and survival (Shaulian and Karin 2001).
The facility provides factory-authorized service for the popular Honeywell TFE731, ALF502, ATF3, CFE738 and 36-100 series engines and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), Sundstrand APS 500 series APUs and the General Electric CF34 series engine.
8E-9 CACNB1, ALPL, CDH1, ITGA3, SERPINB10, TAF4B, ABCB10, IRF8 Cell proliferation ATF3, MK167, S100A6, FTH1, DHCR7 2.
According to the researchers, the study suggests this gene, called ATF3, may be the crucial link between stress and cancer, including the major cause of cancer death - its spread, or metastasis.
Dallas Airmotive is the world's largest OEM-authorized, independent provider of services for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A/T, JT15D, PW100, and PW901 APU; Rolls-Royce Tay, Spey, Dart and Model 250; General Electric CF34, CF700, & CJ610; Honeywell TFE731, ATF3, ALF500 Series engines, the GTCP 36 and 331 Series APUs; and the Hamilton Sundstrand APS 500/1000 Series APUs.
Proteasome inhibitor induced gene expression profiles reveal overexpression of transcriptional regulators ATF3, GADD153 and MAD1.