ATF5Activating Transcription Factor 5
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Intriguingly, the mRNAs encoding Ets2 and components of AP-1 (c-Jun, JunB, c-Fos, FosB, and Atf3, Atf4, Atf5) are maximally induced during the first phase of the uterotrophic response, between 1 and 4 hr (Figure 8B).
However, the expression of BCL-2 and ATF5, which are antiapoptotic genes, was significantly lower in the model group than in the NT group (Figure 4(c)).
Expression of the apoptosis-related genes BAX, p53, BCL-2, and ATF5 was evaluated by real-time PCR (c) and the expression of the apoptosis-related enzyme, cleaved caspase-3, was evaluated by Western blot (d).