ATFAAmerican Task Force Argentina (creditor groups; est. 2006)
ATFAAlabama Treasure Forest Association (Chunchula, AL)
ATFAAustralian Timber Flooring Association (Sheelly Beach, Queensland, Australia)
ATFAAccredited Trust Financial Advisor
ATFAArmy Training Functional Architecture (US DoD)
ATFAArchaeal Transcription Factor A
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Entrevistado por Proceso, y ajeno a las revelaciones de la ATFA, Chavez Puente acepta que Antonio Mohamed fue registrado en la FMF como auxiliar tecnico del club Veracruz, porque el argentino no presento el carnet de entrenador expedido por la asociacion argentina.
It is unacceptable that a leading South American economy with $54 billion in foreign reserves and the benefits of preferred trade status from the United States, can refuse to honor its obligations to Americans year after year," said ATFA co-chair, Dr.
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner must realize that her defiant attitude toward creditors has harsh consequences in the international lending markets," said ATFA Executive Director, Robert Raben.
It is time for the entire G-20 to reevaluate Argentina's role as a member of this critical group," ATFA Co-chair Dr.
The following statement can be attributed to ATFA co-chairs Dr.
taxpayers, creditors and investors, and currently has 13 co-sponsors from New York alone," Robert Raben, ATFA Executive Director, said.
ATFA Wall Street Journal ad wraps up President Kirchner's visit to D.
The SEC has done its due diligence reviewing Argentina's proposal, which will lead naturally to the next stage in Argentina's debt swap process," ATFA co-chair Dr.
ATFA Co-Chair Shapiro Explores Taxpayer, Investor Costs U.
ATFA hosted a reception at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Monday, featuring co-chair Dr.