ATFCMAir Traffic Flow and Capacity Management
ATFCMAir Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (EUROCONTROL)
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For instance, the TBO model considered (STREAM algorithms) focuses on introducing a dynamic and collaborative flight planning together with new strategic trajectory deconfliction strategies that enables an efficient allocation of 4D flight trajectories while air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) and ATC separation provision constraints are assumed to be always fulfilled (under ideal conditions trajectory planning could be fully coordinated with ANSPs constraints).
In Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM), the performance targets and expectations at the network and local level could to be better achieved only through a collaborative synchronised effort of all the involved actors.An important part of improving the performance of network operations is the effective and efficient planning of network resources, by linking local optimization processes (including airport processes) with network optimization processes, taking into account stakeholders preferences where possible.
The core activity and focus of this proposal is the development of a framework, which consists of mathematical models and optimization algorithms, to support the ATFCM decision making process by suggesting optimal TBO solutions.
Knowledge of ATM governance, operational concepts and ATFCM and ATC key
- Operationally oriented ATC and Flow & Capacity (ATFCM) Management expertise
Eaims Is To Deploy A Unique Reference Source Of Aeronautical, Atfcm And
Those are: Flexible airspace management Collaborative NOP Optimized Airspace User Operations Enhanced Short Term ATFCM Measures