ATFDAlcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division (US IRS)
ATFDAbington Township Fire Department (Pennsylvania)
ATFDAssociation Tunnisienne des Femmes Democrates (French: Democratic Association of Tunisian Women)
ATFDA Time for Departing (book)
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In this direction, a number of scholars and activists have suggested ways through which the most well-known women's feminist initiatives, starting with ATFD and AFTURD, should overcome their internal structures of power and privileges, and avoid becoming elitist movements.
Also in this context, the ATFD and AFTURD organizations have led several initiatives dealing with the active participation of women in the implementation of institutional reforms as well as their emancipation in the socio-economic spheres (26).
The Nature of Transnational Alliances in Women's Associations in the Maghreb: The Case of AFTURD and ATFD in Tunisia.
These associations, represented by the Tunisian chapter of Amnesty International, LTDH, ATFD, AFTURD and the Tunisian Coalition against Death Penalty said in their interventions at the opening of the ordinary general assembly of the Tunisian section of Amnesty International that an "inter-associative co-ordination" will be announced soon to co-ordinate their action with regard to these claims.
This operation is an initiative of the coalition of NGOs bringing together, in particular, ATFD, the Association of Tunisian Women for Research on Development, the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights, the National Council of Freedoms, the National Union of Tunisian Journalists and the Observatory for Freedom of Press, Expression and Creation.
The Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LTDH) and the ATFD announced, in turn, the opening of sections inland.
They are the FIDH, the REMDH and their member organisations in Tunisia (LTDH, CNLT, ATFD and the Collectif Maghreb Egalite).
ATFD called for putting an immediate end to all forms of violence and suppression, and make dialogue prevail as a civilised means of rapprochement and understanding between all strata of the society, reasserting that the right to demonstrate and to have a different opinion is a guarantee to edify democracy in a new Tunisia and that Human Rights are indivisible whole.