ATFIAustralian Tropical Forest Institute (Cairns, Australia)
ATFIAutomated Tariff Filing & Information
ATFIAmerican Touch Football in Israel
ATFIAmerican Tae-Kwon-Do International, Inc.
ATFIAdvanced Tactical Fighter Integration
ATFIAlay Tangkilik Foundation Inc. (Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines)
ATFIApplied Thin Films Incorporated
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Although it has stopped securing certification from Fairtrade International and Institute for Marketecology due to the costly certification fees and low yields during the conversion period, it still consistently complies with the international standards of fair trade and organic muscovado farming, says ATFI program director for Sustainable Production Analyn Escanes.
36 million from ATFI, at an interest rate of 21 percent a year.
But with our business model's significant impact in the agrarian reform sector, government agencies and NGOs alike are starting to gain interest in it,' ATFI executive director Edwin Marthine Lopez says.
Unfortunately, the trucking industry is still taking the anti-tolling position of its front group, ATFI, despite the fact that major trucking companies are regular users of tolled Interstate and non-Interstate highways, such as Florida's Turnpike.
ATFI is focused on educating the public and policymakers about the negative impact that tolling existing interstates will have on citizens, businesses and the economy.
ATFI currently has more than 140 members, including associations such as the International Franchise Association, National Council of Chain Restaurants, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (known as OOIDA), National Association of Truck Stop Operators (known as NATSO), American Motorists Association, as well as associations representing trucking companies, the moving and storage industry, vehicle manufacturers, motorcyclists and the vehicle rental industry.
At ATFI, we know that supply chain disruption is an unacceptable cost for a revenue collection system that is highly inefficient in the first place, sometimes losing up to 30 percent of revenue to administrative and collection costs.
A sample item from the ATFI is "Most fathers of children enrolled in Head Start are not that interested in parent involvement" (reverse coded).
Among recent developments, ATFI has expanded its Cerablak(TM) product offering to include a novel form of thermally-stable glass microspheres.
Beyond Defense, ATFI has made significant strides in further developing Cerablak(TM) as a low-cost, environmentally-benign, and easy to apply nanocoating for consumer and industrial applications.
The PW800 program and its demonstrator, the ATFI, is being undertaken by the total Pratt & Whitney Group, leveraging the strengths of both Pratt & Whitney Canada's extensive regional airline experience together with that of Large Commercial Engines' with the large carriers.