ATFIAustralian Tropical Forest Institute (Cairns, Australia)
ATFIAutomated Tariff Filing & Information
ATFIAmerican Touch Football in Israel
ATFIAmerican Tae-Kwon-Do International, Inc.
ATFIAlay Tangkilik Foundation Inc. (Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines)
ATFIAdvanced Tactical Fighter Integration
ATFIApplied Thin Films Incorporated
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The petition was filed by ATFI chief and Shri Hindu Takht's national spokesperson, Viresh Shandilya's lawyer Sumit Sharma in Ambala Court.
Established in 1977, ATFI now claims to operate as a social enterprise focused on supporting sustainable agriculture and organic farming.
Earlier, the ATFI threatened to dig up the pitch of the Eden Gardens and on Saturday their national president Viresh Shandilya has reiterated the claim saying that they are determined to stop Pakistan from playing against India on March 19.
Unfortunately, the trucking industry is still taking the anti-tolling position of its front group, ATFI, despite the fact that major trucking companies are regular users of tolled Interstate and non-Interstate highways, such as Florida's Turnpike.
ATFI is focused on educating the public and policymakers about the negative impact that tolling existing interstates will have on citizens, businesses and the economy.
Atfi, the doctor who worked with the resistance for years and even survived an Israeli attack that left him with limited use of his legs, praised Al-Iman for following in Fadlallah's footsteps by supporting dialogue.
Sorularin her biri fiziksel bir rahatsizlik ya da hastalik veya ruhsal bir sikinti ya da hastalik olasiligini veya cevresel ve normallestiren bir atfi iceren ucer maddeden olusur.
Theyd rew2 -2 against Benfica inL isbont end ays agoand can do evenb etter against Udinese, who lost2-1 atFi orentinao n Saturday .
After several years of development the PW8000 essentially changed to the ATFI project still using the PW6000 turbo-machinery but with a new gearbox and a single-stage fan.
He announced the names for organizing committee and working committee of which Justice Retd Burhanuddin will head the provincial organizing committee while other members include Rustam Shah Mohmand, Shaukat Yousafzai, Shah Farman, Omar Faroow Hoti, Dr Mehar Taj Roghani, Atif Khan, Zahid Hussain Mohmand, Atfi khan.
We located three assessment tools representing early steps taken by scholars to measure staff attitudes about father involvement: the Attitudes Toward Father Involvement Scale (ATFI), the Role of the Father Questionnaire (RFQ), and Father-Friendliness Organizational Self-Assessment and Planning Tool, available from the National Head Start Association.