ATFNAll This For Nothing (band)
ATFNAdirondack Tobacco Free Network (Plattsburgh, NY)
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The backlog.., well, the note flashing on the screen says ATFN [??] FALLING BEHIND, which is an understatement even for an electronic vocabulary.
(Simplified for readability.) (stepType Step3 DeterminingValueFromContext) (stepUses Step3 (isa Throwing1 ThrowingAnObject)) (stepUses Step3 (occursNear Throwing1 Ground1)) (stepUses Step3 (no-GenQuantRelnFrom in-lmmersedFully Planet1 Atmosphere)) (stepUses Step3 (objectMovingUpwardl BaseBall1)) (stepUses Step3 (direction Upward1 UpDirectly)) (solutionStepResult Step3 (valueOf (AtFn ((QPQuantityFn Speed) BaseBall1) (EndFn Upward1 )) (MetersPerSecond 0))) ...