ATFRAutomated Trust Fund Recovery (US IRS)
ATFRArlin Test of Formal Reasoning
ATFRAmateur Theater Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands)
ATFRAboriginal Trust Fund Repayment (Australia)
ATFRAbsorbing Thin Film Reflector
ATFRAlcohol and Tobacco Fraud Review (UK)
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The ATFR delegation suggested the government to construct a flyover instead of demolishing the business infrastructures, adding that if their demands were not met, they would observe a complete strike on January 17 against the project.
This guidance should provide specific areas to review and list the ATFR system reports that can facilitate supervisory reviews.
Table 1 Fertility Levels, Desired Family Size, Contraceptive Use and Percent Wanting No More Children in Different Years, for Urban and Rural Areas of Pakistan Desired Family Size (Mean) Year of ATFR CEB <35 All Survey Ages All Pakistan 1974-75 (PFS) 6.