ATGAAustralian Table Grape Association (Mildura, Victoria, Australia)
ATGAAdventurous Training Group Army (UK)
ATGAAmerican Trapped Gas Association
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Addressing the protesters, ATGA leaders Mohammad Din, Badshah Hussain, Bakhtiar Zamin and Ikramullah said that government deceived them and did not fulfil its promise.
Addressing the rally Principal Humayun Khan, Principal Salah ud Din, ATGA Lower Dir president Syed Muhammad Shah, Wazir Muhammad, Shafiq ur Rehman, Siraj ud Din and others said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government was unnecessarily delaying the approval of time scale formula and one step up gradation for teachers.
Interestingly, the ATGA haplotype formed from the four SNPs rs766432, rs11886868, rs4671393, and rs7557939, though it lacked an association with [beta]-thalassemia major.
Addressing the rally, ATGA Lower Dir president Mohammad Shah and school principals said the government was unnecessarily delaying the approval of time-scale formula and one-step upgradation for teachers, which was promised with them three years ago.
COI 655 bp [23] FishF1 5'-TGATCCGGCTTAGTCGGAACTGC-3' FishR1 5'-GATGTGTGTTGAATTA CGGTCGG-3' Cyto b 735 bp [24] L14841 5'-AGCTTCCATCCAACATCTCAGCATG ATGA H15149 5'-ACTGCAGCCCCTCAGAATGATATTT GTCCTC A-3' 16S rRNA 485 bp [25] L2510 5'-CGCCTGTTTATCAAAAACAT-3' H3080 5'-CCGGTCTGAACTCAGATCACGT-3' mtDNA Gene Primer Ta COI 655 bp 50[degrees]C for 1min Cyto b 735 bp 50[degrees]C for 1min 16S rRNA 485 bp 53[degrees]C for 1 min