ATGPACAfloat Training Group, Pacific
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An unexpected benefit of ATGPAC's process changes was realized when the Carl Vinson Carrier Battle Group entered a compressed IDTC due to an eminent surge deployment.
The ATGPAC Logistics Department team is constantly refining the continuous training process to better meet the needs of Pacific Fleet ships and to help every ship work smarter--not harder.
LT Michael Jefferson reported to ATGPAC in October of 2001 after serving as Supply Officer in USS Mount Vernon and is currently scheduled to start the M.B.A.
The ATGPAC MS Assessment Team also offers off duty in-rate advancement training for all mess management specialists.
The Pay, Personnel and Administration Training (PPAT) Team at ATGPAC San Diego are prescreened and selected among the finest in the fleet.
The ATGPAC Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) team's primary goal is providing 3-M training and support to Navy ships and shore commands.
For COMNAVSURFPAC ships, monthly CMP files are forwarded to ATGPAC. The CMP files received from ships are loaded to a Web server, where both summary and detailed "drill down" data can be accessed by authorized users.
The ATGPAC Fleet Integrated CMP Support (FICS) Team was recently formed to assist COMNAVSURFPAC ships with using CMP to monitor and improve on-board processes in Stock Control (S-1) Division and Food Service (S-2) Division.
ATGPAC's S-2 Division also trains shipboard food service personnel on the CMP program to improve inventory validity and accountability.
Just a little reminder: When extracting CMP reports for S-2 to submit to ATGPAC, make sure to use a day back from BEFORE closeout.