ATGWAntitank Guided Weapon
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62 mm PKT machine gun and twin Malyutka M2T ATGW launcher, equips Romania's MLI-84M upgrade.
62 co-axial machinegun, two retractable missile launchers (2 ATGW or 2 Sam on each) and a 30 mm automatic grenade launcher.
The 9M120 Ataka-V (AT-12 Swinger) ATGW has been added to the armament.
Company Description: Developed to enable ATGW operators to maintain and improve their skills, this company produces simulators for all models of the Kornet, Metis-M, Konkurs and Fagot.
During the 1980s the missile-armed helicopter has become a much more serious threat to armoured vehicles, due to improvements in ATGW and sighting equipment.