ATGWUAmalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (Uganda)
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The ATGWU has more than 50,000 members in Northern Ireland and 30,000 in the Republic.
Brendan Ogle, of the ATGWU, which released its own paper on the electricity market last week, said the union will push for changes to the paper:
CULT BUSTER: Mike Garde; LIVING SAINTS: Zara and Nick Izaacs 'manage' the Dublin branch of the Dublin International Church of Christ which is actively recruiting and holdings meetings in the ATGWU offices in Dublin
The ATGWU has over 50,000 members in Ulster and a support group is demanding the men's reinstatement.
ATGWU general secretary Mick O'Reilly said: "The way forward from here is dialogue and to work creatively to try and resolve the problems."
Thousands of people were forced to drive to work or take a day off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when ATGWU drivers withdrew their services.
Translink confirmed the trade unions ATGWU, Amicus, TSSA and Siptu have informed the company they intend to stage the 24-hour strike on March 28.
ATGWU secretary Denis Rohan said his members were contemplating an even higher pay claim than the ESBOA.
The dispute ended a day after the Irish Congress of Trade Unions chaired a meeting of the three ESB unions and recommended the ATGWU members return to work.
The striking Amalgamated Transport & General Workers Union (ATGWU) said it would be writing to the ESB to confirm the dispute was over.
A meeting of the three ESB unions chaired by ICTU recommended that the 1,200 ATGWU technicians return to work.
However, the Technical, Electrical and Engineering Union (TEEU) said in a statement that any solidarity with picketing colleagues is a personal camaraderie and support was not given to the dispute or the ATGWU.