ATHAMActive Tracer High-Resolution Atmospheric Model (meteorology)
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Atham Alimov was detained for 15 days in prison, Ziyodulla Kabirov - 10 days in prison and around $23 fine.
On arrival, the delegation was received by the Sri Lanka Consul General in Jeddah, Atham Bawa Uthuma Lebbe.
Action fans who love a heavy dose of Jase The Chase will think he's turned himself into Jason St Atham.
Mahira Atham Lebbe (Mahira M Mowjoon), Johnson I Agbinya, Zenon Chaczko (2008).
It started on August 23 with Atham and will culminate tomorrow (September 2) on Thiruvonam day.
But on his last and most serious atham crown court: "He caused maximum interference to the railways and huge financial loss to Network Rail."
Australia team to play Ireland: CL atham; M Gerrard, L Tuqiri, M Turinui, D Mitchell; M Rogers, G Gregan; G Holmes, B Cannon, D Fitter, H McMeniman, N Sharpe, J Roe, P Waugh, G Smith.
Phra Phaisan told me that one reason why Khruba Bunchum chose to reside near Ban Pasa was that it was at the heart of the Golden Triangle, notorious for its drugs and arms trafficking - it was a 'bad place' (sathanthi bo di) and an 'immoral region' (daen atham).
His father had worked in the Vickers aircraft factory but Heath's academic and musical ability enabled him, via scholarships to Ch atham Grammar School and Balliol College, to study philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford.
The 10-day long festival begins with Atham in the Malayalam month of Chingam and culminates on the day of Thiruvonam.
Of all these days, most important ones are the first day, Atham and the last or tenth day, Thiru Onam on September 16 which will include the grand Thiruvona-Sadya, well known for being one of the most sumptuous feasts and includes 13 to 15 dishes apart from other regular items.