ATHPAuthorized Teamspeak Host Provider (telecommunications)
ATHPAlabama Trust for Historic Preservation
ATHPAmmunition Transfer and Holding Point
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During Phase II the ATHP team received the shipment from Crane, managed it through SAAS, issued it to the battalion, and then shipped unused ammunition back to the ammunition activity.
It allows the ATHP to exercise near-contingency munitions operations and more closely follow doctrine by exercising throughput distribution to better support decisive action in large-scale combat operations.
The FSC distribution platoon and the distribution company also conduct a coordinated flatrack exchange in which the FSC delivers the LOGPAC to the notional maneuver unit field locations while the distribution company moves materials received from the FSC back into the SSA or ATHP. The retrograded materiel is treated as theater resupply and entered into the SSA's inventory.
SAAS-MOD is an automated ammunition management system that combines the functionality of theater and corps materiel management centers (MMCs), ammunition supply points (ASPs), ammunition transfer holding points (ATHPs), and a division ammunition office into two baselines.
The guide, aimed at users in ASPs and ATHPs, walks the user through configuring entries in ComSetup so that they can send transaction data to the various SAAS MMC boxes above them.
This force structure realignment allows for the placement of the ammunition warrant officer in the ATHP. Management functions for the BAO include maintaining ammunition requirements and visibility and distribution within the BCT.
The AMMO also facilitated the division's retrograde plan by turning in over 4 million rounds of excess ammunition, which directly contributed to the ability of all ammunition transfer handling points (ATHPs) to reduce their net explosive weights by 45 percent.
Key to sustaining the fight and momentum of the operation were the FARP and ATHP operated by the Soldiers of the 563d ASB, also called "Task Force Fighting." In addition to manning the FARP and ATHP, Task Force Fighting conducted daily runs to the Fort Bliss installation supply support activity (SSA) to pick up both air and ground class IX (repair parts).