ATHPAuthorized Teamspeak Host Provider (telecommunications)
ATHPAlabama Trust for Historic Preservation
ATHPAmmunition Transfer and Holding Point
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The section also revised ammunition procedures in order to resupply units that no longer had an ATHP.
During its tour in Iraq, the class V section improved the management of excess and unserviceable ammunition and successfully closed one ATHP and converted the theater's only CSA to an ASP, an ASP to an ATHP, and four ATHPs to basic load ammunition holding areas while supplying the forces with required munitions.
This force structure realignment allows for the placement of the ammunition warrant officer in the ATHP.
The modular force ATHP is approximately twice the size of its AOE-equivalent ATE It is documented with SAAS-ATHP (line item number Z00712) and with an MOS 890A ammunition warrant officer; during the next TOE revision, an MOS 89A stock control and accounting specialist will be added.
The main differences between an ASP and an ATHP are doctrinal employment, capabilities, and capacity.
Task Force Fighting provided communication support through the Joint Network Node (JNN) and battalion Command Post Nodes (CPNs), provided both aviation unit-level maintenance (AVUM) and aviation intermediate-level maintenance (AVIM), conducted tactical logistics convoys in support of the FARP and ATHP, and delivered ammunition to the individual ranges.
The brigade ATHP was operated by Soldiers of the 563d ASB's A Company and HSC and E Company, 3d Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment.
Task Force Ammo conducted 24-hour class V (ammunition) support, with two shifts that did not live or sleep at the ATHP.
They accomplish this reduction by identifying and retrograding excess ammunition from ATHPs.
Another initiative undertaken by 15th Sustainment Brigade ammunition specialists was making site improvements to ATHPs.