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ATHRAnaerobic Threshold Heart Rate (endurance sports)
ATHRAutothrust System
ATHRAngina Pectoris Threshold Heart Rate
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Variables Age (yrs) 22.9 (2.6) Height (m) 1.82 (0.06) Body mass (kg) 75.7 (8.0) BMI (kg x [m.sup.2]) 22.9 (2.1) ATS (km x [h.sup.-1]) 11.0 (1.2) ATHR (bpm) 170.7 (3.7) LES (mM x [min.sup.-1]) .21 (.09) [HR.sub.R] (bpm) 71.8 (3.7) GLUe (mg x [dl.sup.-1] x [min.sup.-1]) 1.06 (1.02) [DELTA]NOe ([micro]M x [min.sup.-1]) 1.77 (2.03) BMI= body mass index; ATS= anaerobic threshold speed; ATHR= heart rate corresponding to anaerobic threshold speed; LES= lactate elimination speed; [HR.sub.R] = resting heart rate; GLUe = glucose change rate per minute; [DELTA]NOe= nitric oxide change rate per minute.
There are only a handful of art galleries in the kingdom (although a few newer ones, such as the Athr and the Hewar Art galleries, are gaining ground) and Saudi artists frequently lament the lack of interest in fine arts on the part of the general public.
If the pilot realized that autothrust (ATHR) was not engaged, he might have chosen to activate ATHR by pushing the ATHR button on the FCU.
Cruz-Diez participated in several other art exhibitions and initiatives in the Kingdom, including Athr Gallery's "Through the Spectrum" exhibition, leaving a special mark on the Kingdom's nascent visual arts sector.
This year's novelty will certainly the warm welcome the Exhibition has made to two of most prominent galleries in the Arab World, namely Athr Gallery (Saudi Arabia), Agial Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.
This year's edition will host Athr Gallery, a leading Saudi contemporary art gallery based in Jeddah, and Agial Art Gallery from Lebanon.
Galleries returning to the event this year include ATHR, Ceysson and Bntire, Galleria Continua, Giorgio Person, and Hanart TZ Gallery.
Alserkal Programming will present a commission by Turkish artist Hale Tenger and pop-up projects by Serendipity Arts Foundation, Athr Gallery, Iran/Africa, Fully Booked and Shaghaf Group.
It stores up to 300 laps, has dual time capabilities, target zone training, auto-HRM, interval timer, and ATHR presumption (Anaerobic Threshold, the point when your body transitions from aerobic to anaerobic exercise as intensity increases).
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However Poltimore's polished performance at a charity auction held at the Athr Gallery in central Jeddah turned out to be one of the highlights of the week-long art event in February.
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