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ATICAmni-Tec Internet Coding
ATICAdvanced Technology Investment Company (Mubadala Development Company; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
ATICAicar Transformylase/IMP Cyclohydrolase
ATICAir Technical Intelligence Center
ATICAdvanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter (NASA/LSU project)
ATICArizona Telecommunications & Information Council
ATICAdvanced Technology Innovation Center
ATICAviation Transformation Implementation Conference
ATICAir Traffic Incident Commission
ATICAdvanced Technology Integration Center
ATICArmy Tactical Intelligence Concept
ATICAerospace Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development
ATICAutomated Text Information Communicator
ATICAssociation Tunisiennes des Investisseurs en Capital (French: Tunisian Association of Capital Investors; Tunisia)
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This sparked interest in establishing a staff ride within the new BDF ATIC.
Over the last four years 2012-2015, ATIC has invested 800 MTD, generating 5,000 new job positions a year, he added.
Following the deal, HES Beheer, which currently owns 22% in ATIC, will become full owner of the target.
Abu Dhabi has set up a microsystems master's programme at the Masdar Institute and supports ongoing collaboration between the institute and GlobalFoundries, owned by the ATIC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company.
ATIC plans to expand the facility's churn-out to include 20- and 14-nanometre [billionth of a metre] offerings, which will be vital to makers of mobile handsets.
Mubadala also said ATIC was making further investments in boosting capacity and research in a bid to become a "profitable catalyst" for the emirate's economic development.
He observed that GRM had produced a policy procured from ATIC, and, despite plaintiff's assertion that the policy was "a sham," the judge concluded plaintiff failed to "present facts" permitting an inference that the policy "[wa]s not a real policy" and granted summary judgment.
In its four years, ATIC has developed programs with several community colleges in Ohio to help create qualified intelligence analysts for contractors and government agencies near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
The European Commission authorised, on 3 March, the joint acquisition of Societe du Terminal MC6 by EDF Trading Logistics and ATIC Services, because the proposed merger will not lead to any significant competition problems in the European Economic Area or part of it.
Recently, AMD sharply lowered its ownership to 14% after a series of shareholding trades with ATIC.
Partnering with US-based Advanced Micro Devices, the world's second-largest chipmaker, ATIC established Globalfoundries, which is a full-service semiconductor foundry.
ATIC in 2008 was spun out of Mubadala Development Co.