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Ideja del miesto zeldynu--viesojo parko, apzeldintu aiksciu, skveru, aleju ir bulvaru--gime ir augo, bei buvo realizuojama su didziuliais uzmojais ir didele atida daugelyje didmiesciu, pramones centru ir saliu sostiniu--tiek Senojo, tiek Naujojo Pasaulio zemynuose.
mitox tikva se-iyum negdi yegen-P5 al atida sel mexoniti 'in-the hope that a counter-threat will-defend the future of my car.
Accustomed as we are to American Presidems who come on like the elephants in Atida, Mandela's repose seems sculptured, like music in a poem by Rilke: "When the innermost point in us stands/outside, as amazing space, as the other/side of air:/pure, immense,/not for us to live in now." Had there been a receiving line, we'd have rushed like groupies to pump his hand.