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ATIIIAntithrombin III (anticoagulant)
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As we can see from the results, among 8 anticoagulation strategies (Figure 2), it revealed that application of ATIII seemed to be the best anticoagulation strategy for cirrhotic patients who underwent splenectomy (Rank Probability P = 0.59) (Table 4).
Entre los mecanismos anticoagulantes naturales, el mas importante es el constituido por la Antitrombina III (ATIII), una glicoproteina plasmatica perteneciente a la familia de las serpinas (Fig.5).
In the patients of 1-st group ATIII level and vWF level changed relative to the control group slightly (p>0,05).
Los estudios en animales han permitido entender el patron metabolico de las heparinas de bajo peso molecular (incluyendo la nadroparina calcica) y han mostrado que varios tejidos (bilis, higado y rinon) contienen glucosaminoglucanos de diversos tamanos mas o menos desulfatados (como funcion del tiempo) y, algunos de ellos, la propiedad de interactuar con la antitrombina III (ATIII) o la protamina presente [5, 9].
Results of these tests were as follows: protein S: 82 (6-140%), protein C: 122 (70-140%), antithrombin III (ATIII): 139 (80-120), lupus anticoagulant: 34.2 (20-60), and fasting homocysteine: 10.36 (4.5-15) umol/L.
The following thrombogenic factors probably contribute to this association: acquired protein C and protein S deficiencies, elevated plasma fibrinogen, impaired fibrinolysis, depressed ATIII, reactive thrombocytosis, increased platelet aggregation, and antiphospholipid antibodies.
Antithrombin III (ATIII) was measured by chromogenic assays using commercial reagents (Diagnostica Stago, Asniers, France).
Laboratory tests showed thrombocytes 36 G/L (140-440 G/L), creatinine 3.6 mg/dL (0.6-1.3 mg/dL), urea 132 mg/dL (10-45 mg/dL), D-dimere 1,558 [micro]g/L (<200 [micro]g/L), ATIII 67% (>75%), creactive protein (CRP) 237 mg/L (<9 mg/L), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) 322 U/L, and slightly elevated liver enzymes.
Subsequent to the successful birth of the first cloned goat, testing indicated that the animal was transgenic, and the goat's milk tested positive for the human protein ATIII. ATIII is the protein normally found in human plasma that helps regulate blood clotting.
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