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Tambien se han excavado una serie de yacimientos como los localizados en Kutan, ciudad situada en el occidente de Iran y Tell Atij, urbe localizada al norte de Siria, donde se han documentado hojas de silex con restos de brea que muy probablemente se hayan utilizado como dientes de trillo y que datan del Bronce inicial.
122), is a type of building that has been found at various sites further east, ranging in date from pre-Pottery Neolithic (Cayonu(3)) down into the Ninerite V Period.(4) It occurs in Ubaid levels at Tepe Gawra (levels XV-XVI).(5) At Telul eth-Thalathat in the Ninevite V Period, closely spaced parallel walls were foundations for a granary,(6) while at Karrana at Atij reed impressions were found on top of such walls, suggesting some sort of platform (for drying?).(7)
The material recovered is very similar to other third-millennium sites north and south of Hasseke such as Nustel, Abu Hijara, Tell Bderi, Atij, Melebiya, and Raqai.