ATIMSActivities Tracking Information Management System
ATIMSAviation Technical Information Management System
ATIMSAircraft Tactical Information Management System
ATIMSAirborne Tracking Infrared Measurement System
ATIMSAir Traffic Information Management System
ATIMSAdvanced Technical Information Management System
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ATIMS is a manager's tool for commanding and controlling airfield operations from a desktop.
Arguably the most powerful feature of ATIMS, from a safety point of view, is its geofencing capability.
With an airport map programmed into ATIMS, managers can set up geofences, which are exactly what the word implies: It can be a line, such as at a stop bar.
Unlike other JMS vendors in today's market, ATIMS empowers Agencies with software configuration control by giving them the Keys to the System.
While no two facilities are the same, the ATIMS JMS software alleviates high customization costs by giving control back to each agency and working seamlessly with their unique needs and procedures.
Winning the prestigious contracts for San Mateo, Alameda and Solano Counties is very exciting for ATIMS because of the various levels of sophistication in the software design involved.
During implementation, SAPD discovered that there were some additional customizations that could help make their operations more efficient and ATIMS was able to design and install those customizations quickly and at a reasonable cost.
What makes ATIMS Jail Management System different is that it gives any Agency the ability to configure the software to their specifications through wizard steps, specialized housing layouts and replicating any Agency's forms.