ATIRCMAdvanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures
ATIRCMAdvanced Tactical Infrared Countermeasures
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An improved countermeasure dispenser, called ICMD, is in low-rate production and is planned to be added to the ATIRCM suites.
Army and currently deployed on military helicopters, ATIRCM has proven to be highly effective in protecting both rotary and fixed wing aircraft.
The ATIRCM system and AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System greatly enhances overall aircraft survivability against current and evolving threats.
BAE's ATIRCM system is a laser-based infrared countermeasures system that protects aircraft against widely deployed heat-seeking missiles.
That capability makes it more reliable and effective than the combined flashlamp infrared jam laser on the current ATIRCM system.
These systems include the electronic combat suite for both the FA-22 and the Joint Strike Fighter; communications, infrared, and radar counter-measures such as ATIRCM and IDECM; and information warfare systems which meet customers' mission requirements in all aspects of active and passive signal exploitation.
CMWS, BAE Systems' ATIRCM system, and the advanced infrared countermeasures munitions flares comprise the primary components of the Army's suite of integrated infrared countermeasures.
Session II chair will be Tim Edwards, BAE Systems, who will present briefings on LAIRCM Program Overview, by Col Mike Cappelano, ASC; DIRCM Program Overview, by Lt Col McRae, SOCOM; MA NPAD Study, by Mike Barrett, NAVAIR; ATIRCM Program Overview, by John Kamadulski; LIFE Program Overview, by Mark Wunderlich, AFRL; and the MEDUSA Program Overview, by John Carr, AFRL.
infrared, and radar countermeasures such as ATIRCM and IDECM; and information-warfare systems that meet customers' mission requirements in all aspects of active and passive-signal exploitation.
That feature allows the Army to field the CMWS first, and add the ATIRCM portion later.
BAE was awarded that contract in October 2002 and in a press release dated October 11, 2002 the Company announced that it had been awarded a contract from BAE to supply the Company's thermoelectrically cooled laser to BAE for its ATIRCM program.
This commercial missile defense system is an adaptation of the ATIRCM system concept.