ATITAdmission Test for IcfaiTech (India)
ATITAudiovisual Technologies, Informatics and Telecommunications (Roosbeek, Belgium)
ATITAmong Them in Trenches (band)
ATITAmerican Television Institute of Technology (Chicago, IL)
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FITCHBURG - Public universities will require students to take four years of high school math starting with the class that enters in the fall of 2016, the state Board of Higher Education decided yesterday atits meeting at Fitchburg State University.
Shares in Prudential, Britain's biggest insurer whose betterthan expected results this week were driven by strong growth atits flagship Asian operations, fell 2 percent.
MHI has been operating a single-cylinder testing machine atits Nagasaki Research & Development Center, but opted to introduce multi-cylinder large-size testing equipment in order to accommodate the need for the company's engines to satisfy increasingly stringent environmental regulations in the coming years.
Luxury lifestyle developer DamacProperties has awarded themain contract for the construction atits 42-storey Al Jawharah project inJeddah.
WFP is highlighting the "Billion for a Billion" campaign on the eve of aWorld Food Summit, hosted by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization atits headquarters in Rome, where world leaders are -- once again -- beingasked to find solutions to the growing number of hungry people in theworld.
ATITS most extreme, Phil Smith's condition has led him to believe he was Jesus and could heal people with the touch of his hands.
The politicos say the main reason China needs to protect copyright is because the country needs ideas and innovation if it is to keep growing atits current rate.
In one instance, a regional firm, with an annual fee income of pounds 5 million, had pounds 580,000 more free cash than a similar-size firm simply because it had debtors at 95 days compared to 122 days atits competitor.
Despite the example of the kingdom of Israel, the finality ofJudah's fall might also have been met with disbelief by some Judeans: Judah was more stable and had more prestige than Israel as the kingdom of David with the Temple of Jerusalem atits center; it had been more loyal to monotheism than Israel; and it had lasted longer, in an unbroken line of kings.
In addition Avid is also in the process of building a huge demo facility akin to its Avid Centre of Excellence (ACE) facility in Pinewood atits Dubai office to serve its MENA customers better.
Alba)'s commitment to enrich the family-friendly environment atits state-of-the-art Alba Club was further strengthened with the recent openingof the children's playground.