ATIXAutomated Trusted Information Exchange (website/communication network for obtaining and sharing disaster information)
ATIXAntiterrorism Information Exchange (DoJ and FBI)
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The diskless shared root cluster developed by ATIX for MMI overcame this problem by removing the need to have hard disks in the cluster nodes.
Most of the functionality of this system is provided by the Red Hat Global File System, together with Red Hat Cluster Suite and, for remote monitoring and administration, the ATIX solution com.
V-ONE technology will be deployed across the entire length of the OREIS and ATIX networks, ensuring end-to-end security for authorized users nationwide.
ATIX carries secure data to federal, state and local public safety organizations responsible for protection against terrorist threats and natural disasters via the RISSNET network, a secure, web-based nation-wide law enforcement information-sharing network funded by the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance.
Grayson, said, "V-ONE technology will enable OREIS and ATIX to connect their networks in the most efficient manner possible, allowing first responders secure access to information critical to protecting the security of our nation.
Commenting on the ATIX initiative to Government Computer News (Vol.
ATIX provides secure information sharing for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies via the RISS network, a secure, web-based nation-wide law enforcement information-sharing network.
We are pleased that the work V-ONE is doing to enable secure information sharing across the many distributed federal, state and local law enforcement offices can be used to serve the ATIX mission.
ATIX was able to easily configure T-Systems GEI's architecture to support clustering with Sistina GFS, plus seamlessly integrate the technology across the company's servers," said Mark Hlawatschek, chief technology officer at ATIX GmbH, a Sistina reseller based in Munich, Germany.
Specializing in Linux storage and clustering solutions for enterprise applications, ATIX works closely with partners such as Sistina and Hewlett-Packard to deliver best-of-breed clustered storage solutions.
ATIX GmbH is an IT-consulting company, specializing in Linux storage and clustering solutions.