ATIXAutomated Trusted Information Exchange (website/communication network for obtaining and sharing disaster information)
ATIXAntiterrorism Information Exchange (DoJ and FBI)
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SA: SMX and ATIX enable secure use of USB devices, offering solutions to CIOs across the region.
aTiX systems are designed to capture multiple views of luggage in a single sweep and feature automatic explosives and liquid detection.
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Honeywell said that SMX provides multi-layered protection for managing USB security, by analysing files using a variety of techniques included in Honeywell's Advanced Threat Intelligence Exchange (ATIX).
through the private ATIX connection, provides continually updated threat
The advanced aTiX automatic explosives detector will be manufactured at the new site from late 2013.
ON OCTOBER 19, Smiths Detection announced that its aTiX scanners have been given official EU approval for liquid threat detection at airport security checkpoints.
A close cousin of the MATRIX program, in everything from name to communication network (RISS) to sponsorship (Justice) to function, is the Antiterrorism Information Exchange (ATIX).
For carry-on baggage screening, Smiths Detection will supply its aTiX (Advanced Threat Inspection X-Ray) systems, supported by trace detection sensors, bottle liquid scanners and radiation detectors.
Smiths Detection's other aTiX models have already gained Type C certification.