ATJAccess to Justice
ATJAssociation of Teachers of Japanese
ATJAccording to Jim (Jim Belushi TV show)
ATJAssociation of Taiwan Journalist
ATJAccess Technology Japan (Japanese IT recruiting company)
ATJAll Trucking Jobs (job service; Rodgers Media, LLC)
ATJAction Team for Jobs (UK)
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With specific regards to referendum 10, ATJ said that anyone wishing to enter the pact of marriage should be able to choose their own spouse, yet proposal 10 advocates for this fundamental right to be taken away from citizens in same-sex relationships.
As the pioneer of the ATJ process, Byogy is one of the few companies that produce full replacement fuels, as opposed to only blend-stock products.
et al., "Start-up and Steady-State Performance of a New Renewable Alcohol-To-Jet (ATJ) Fuel in Multiple Diesel Engines," SAE Technical Paper 2015-01-0901, 2015, doi:10.4271/2015-01-0901.
The F119 and F135 engines in those aircraft have not been approved for ATJ blends by manufacturer Pratt and Whitney and would require an extensive testing effort lasting 12-24 months to be certified.
Synthetic paraffinic kerosenes (SPK) were produced by the Alcohol To Jet (ATJ) and the synthesised No-paraffins from hydroprocessed fermentable sugars (SIP) pathways.
Soria insistia en este punto: mediante el trabajo en su manufactura los indigenas podian entrar "al goce de su libertad (...) y a disponer de su travajo donde y como quieran que es cuanto aspiran para creerse felices" (ATJ, 2465, ff.
Vamos considerar uma matriz [A] formada por elementos atj sendo (i,j) pertencentes ao conjunto de fatores {1, 2, 3, ..., 19, 20}.
(88.) Legal Integration in the Andes, supra note 87, at 712 (quoting ATJ, Ruling 2-IP-90, point 1).