ATJAccess to Justice
ATJAssociation of Teachers of Japanese
ATJAccording to Jim (Jim Belushi TV show)
ATJAssociation of Taiwan Journalist
ATJAccess Technology Japan (Japanese IT recruiting company)
ATJAll Trucking Jobs (job service; Rodgers Media, LLC)
ATJAction Team for Jobs (UK)
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As previously mentioned, the main holdouts are the F-22 and F-35, which have not been approved to use ATJ blends.
But when a cluster member receives more than one ATJ message, this denotes that the node lies in separate clusters but within transmission range of one another; therefore it will be elected as a gateway between these clusters.
The A-10C Thunderbolt II flew from Eglin Air Force Base, in Florida, on a fuel blend known as Alcohol to Jet, or ATJ, as part of the airforce's bid to move its fleet onto non-petroleum-based fuel.
Pratt & Whitney is planning engine and combustor tests on four new alternative fuel processes, including an alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) containing 10% synthetic aromatics; an ATJ containing zero aromatics; a hydrotreated depolymerised cellulosic jet (HDCJ) containing 50% synthetic aromatics; and a catalytic hydrothermolysis (CH) containing 16 to 24% synthetic aromatics.
Com 6 semanas pos ATJ conforme evolucao clinica, o paciente podera ser orientado a iniciar exercicios de CCF, tipo mini-agachamento, evoluindo para uma escada com apoio unipodal conforme dor e forca muscular, progredir com a bicicleta estacionaria, em seguida para exercicios para controle neuromuscular de quadriceps e isquiotibiais e continuar com os exercicios de fortalecimento e propriocepcao.
Partida RL, Cervantes ST, Salazar ZA, Castillo MA, Velazquez ATJ (2007) Seleccion para contenido de proteina y rendimiento de grano en trigo irradiado recurrentemente.
IF ATJ of Whickham says things have improved since 1997 he is living in a different country from me.
Boubacar Diallo sought work at ATJ Industrial Services, a Middlesbrough recruitment agency, in June last year.
Mr Sohpal had worked at ATJ Birmingham Ltd, of Foremans Road, Sparkhill which made taxi cab parts.
Andrew Drazic entered the family business, ATJ Electrical--then a ten person firm--in 1999.
Janey's latest ethnic-minority promotion candidate, Clara (Juliet Tanner), is also a documentary filmmaker trying to launch her first feature, about an Afghan refugee ATJ resettled in New York.