ATKISAmtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches Informationssystem (German: official topographic-cartographic information system)
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The ATKIS data model is based on the current release of Documentation for the Modeling of Official Geoinformation (AdV 2008a).
Gedrange, Neubert, and Rohnert (2011) give a summary of the distribution of the total number of object types and attributes of the ATKIS Basic DLM for Saxony as well as the distribution of object types over several object groups.
The ATKIS object catalog currently defines more than 100 object types of which only a small number are considered relevant for the quantitative analysis of land use.
All ATKIS objects are described by a variety of attributes stored in an attribute table.
The State Office for Surveying the state of Thuringia (TLVermGeo) as authority intends for about 6300 km A the creation of a Digital Terrain Model DGM2 as part of the ATKIS A means of airborne laser scanning.