ATLASTAutodesk Threaded Language Application System Toolkit (software)
ATLASTAugment the Teaching of Linear Algebra through the Use of Software Tools (International Linear Algebra Society)
ATLASTAviation Total Life-Cycle Analysis Software Tool
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An estimated 16,000 to 24,000 women and girls are sexually exploited through trafficking each year in the Chicago area, said Kim Downing, an ATLAST attorney who will speak at the church Friday.
Martin Barstow from the University of Leicester and president of the Royal Astronomical Society, said, "At long last, it's time to get moving on ATLAST. The time is right for scientific and space agencies around the world, including those in the UK, to take a bold step forward and to commit to this project." For the first time, he will not reveal the details of ATLAST as the concept itself has been in existence in different forms now.
NEW atLast! from Norville is designed to replace lined multifocals and to restore the intermediate vision which bifocal wearers have found missing.
Throughout Calculus reform (1) and the ATLAST project (2), students have been affected by the changes, and teachers of linear algebra, in particular, are expected to implement new educational environments such as CAS or the Internet.
Employees expect to be valued and involved, good quality line management, two way communications, career development, clear company values and image and atlast they want efficient and effective use of their skills and talents which help them to convert into an engaged talent Together, working on drivers lead to the formation of an engaging work environment.
The Redsboss said atlast night's final press briefing inside the Olympic Stadium: "The first thing we must say is sorry because the reareno tickets form any of our fans.
Like the rest- churches, MSPs,police and the Old Firm - he'll be prattling on about how distasteful and offensive it all is but I wonder if he had his Saddam Hussein outfit on when he made an appearance atlast week's summit on sectarianism.
AtLast! Solutions has released File Notes Organizer 3.5, a program for the Windows operating system that makes it easy to organize customer and project files and records on network desktops using its Windows Explorer-like interface enhanced with optional columns, memorized layouts, and virtual file collections.
lCities plan key events: Bath, atlast gets its much-trumpeted pounds 23 million Bath Spa project fully up and running in 2004, while Harrogate, Yorkshire, is regaining its breath after the opening of a new Hotel du Vin Hotel in Prospect Place with wooden beams, roll top baths, Egyptian cotton bed linen and 'sexy suites'.
TheraSense's FreeStyle monitor also allows users to draw blood from their arm rather than from a fingertip, and Amira Medical's AtLast system works by creating a small break in the skin of the forearm or thigh.
The company, founded in 1996, has pioneered proprietary technology under the AtLast name that enables diabetes patients to draw a small blood sample from areas of the body other than the fingertips.
Moreover, a dustjacket atlast is correct: Williams does break new ground in her textured analysis of women as Klan targets.