ATLCAlliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (Charlottesville, VA)
ATLCArbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
ATLCAtomic Trades and Labor Council
ATLCAir Transport Label Catalog
ATLCalloreactive human T lymphocyte clone
ATLCAdvanced Technology Licensing Company
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According to GA-ASI, the trans-Atlantic flight proved that SkyGuardian can self-deploy to a new location and land using its SATCOM Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC).
ATLC (242) quotes the Saek form, crediting Gedney with a p.c.
* Atlanticus Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: ATLC) rose 11.7% to close at $8.20.
Consumer finance company Atlanticus Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: ATLC) has agreed to sell USD 167.3 million of asset-backed securities secured by Fortiva branded retail point-of-sale receivables, the company said.
The MQ-9B's NATO STANAG 4671-compliant design includes lengthened 24m wings with provisions for additional fuel, lightning protection, anti-ice and de-ice, Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC), multi-band redundant Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) communications, and Sense and Avoid (SAA) and Due Regard Radar (DRR) Systems.
Presentamos los resultados clinicos de 10 pacientes quienes fueron sometidos a cromovitrectomia, membranectomia y limitorrexis coadyuvada con ATLC. Debido a la alta incidencia de catarata post-vitrectomia (80%) en el servicio de retina del hospital, rutinariamente realizamos extraccion de catarata en el mismo tiempo quirurgico a todos los pacientes mayores de 50 anos quienes seran vitrectomizados.
First North American Invitational Summit of The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (ATLC): March 27-30, 2003.
Association for Teacher Librarianship in Canada (ATLC)
JOSEPH RUDICK JR., CEO of ATLANTIC TECHNOLOGIES VENTURES INC (ATLC), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
* Atlanticus Holdings (NASDAQ: ATLC) shares were up 12.22% for the day, having made a 52-week high of $8.63.
Tenders are invited for Carrying out of Survey Geotechnical Investigation, Limited Height Survey (LHS) and Bill of quantities, detailed design ng duly proof checked from IIT/HIT, working drawings & detailed estimate including required modifications during construction of approaches of the ROB per terms& conditions mentioned in the OMIT complete in all respect for the Construction of 2 lane ROB atLC No.53 at Km 66/4-5 onroad from Nizampurto Nangal Chaudhary tails on Railway station Nizampur Yard providing Consultancy Services for preparing Design; DPR, 80Q etc.
The company also announced that its NASDAQ ticker symbol will change from "CCRT" to "ATLC." The name change will become effective on November 30, 2012 and the company's common stock will begin trading under the new ticker symbol on December 3, 2012.