ATLDAtaxia-Telangiectasia-Like Disorder
ATLDAir-Transportable Loading Dock
ATLDArmy Training and Leader Development
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Much like the ends, ways, and means framework that undergirds the ASA (FM&C's) PDP strategy, the ATLD provides three pillars that serve as the foundation of the Army's training and education system: 1) institutional training and education both through schools and distance learning, 2) operational training, and 3) self-development training.
Tenders are invited for Production and delivery of printed and promotional materials for the needs of the ATLD divided into 3 (three) lots, as follows: Lot 1 - "Production and supply of printed materials"; Lot 2 - "Production and delivery of calendars, desktop calendars, blanks and corporate greeting cards for Christmas and New Year"; Lot No 3 - "Production and supply of advertising materials"