ATLDPArmy Training and Leader Development Panel
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As a result of the ATLDP's findings, the Chief of Staff of the Army decided that all Active component majors would attend ILE, that they would attend ILE in residence, and that CGSC's permanent-party faculty at Fort Leavenworth would teach the ILE core curriculum.
The ATLDP recommended four "imperatives" designed to help develop Army civilians and grow leaders: accountability, lifelong learning, interpersonal skills, and Army culture.
This is where we need our leaders to step in and fill the gap until the full effect of the ATLDP is felt in the field.
Good intentions not withstanding, I must admit that this ATLDP recommendation has created considerable consternation within the officer ranks.
The ATLDP WO Study set forth initiatives to improve WO training, resourcing, and leader development now and throughout the Army Transformation to the Objective Force.
These changes bring the branch qualification requirements for MI officers in line with the recommendations of the Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP) and will keep area of concentration (AOC) 35 officers on familiar footing with all other Operations Career Field officers.
These changes will bring the Branch-qualification requirements for MI Branch officers more closely in line with the Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP) recommendation to provide a better basis for officers to make personal assessments of their competitiveness for promotion and continuing Army careers.
The ATLDP officer study highlighted a need for changes to the current OBC training concepts.
Army (CSA) approval of the majority of recommendations presented in both the Army Development System XXI (ADSXXI) and Army Training and Leadership Development Panel (ATLDP) Warrant Officer Study.
Many of the issues went to the ATLDP with a supporting DCS G2 endorsement; by the time you read this, they should be on the way to the CSA for resolution or decision.
ATLDP. The Army Training and Leadership Development Panel (ATLDP), Warrant Officer Study, is the third phase of another CSA- directed effort intended to assess the state of training and leader development in the Army.