ATLGAttitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men
ATLGAtlanta Trial Lawyers Group (Atlanta, GA)
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Strong and Folse assessed students' attitudes using a modified ATLG Scale (Cronbach's alpha = .
First, the differential qualitative variables for the total score of the ATLG and its factors were selected, as well as the numeric variables correlated to those attitudinal scores.
The ATLG is an instrument designed to measure subjects' attitudes toward lesbian women and gay men.
Because the ability of the ATLG to accurately capture prejudice toward homosexuals has been questioned given the changing cultural views pertaining to sexual minorities, we also employed the 10-item gay men form--the Modern Homonegativity Scale (HMS-G; Morrison & Morrison, 2002).
Assessing attitudes toward lesbians and gay men: A review of empirical research with the ATLG scale.
As with the ATLG and the GAP's behavior domain, significant correlations between the HATH and the GAP's belief domain were expected.
Assessing attitudes toward lesbians and gay men: A review of the empirical research with the ATLG scale.
Convergent validity was established for each of the SOCCS's subscales by comparing the Attitudes subscale with the ATLG, the Knowledge subscale with the MCKAS, and the Skills subscale with the CSES.
Se determino la correlacion de Pearson entre la Escala para Homofobia-7 y la ATLG (validez convergente), la Francis-5 (validez nomologica) y el WHO-5 (validez divergente).
The main purpose of the present study was to further address the dimensionality of the ATLG Spanish Language Version.
The ATLG is a 20-item scale that includes two 10-item subscales: Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Attitudes Toward Gay Men.
The ATLG includes items that ask respondents to make a variety of evaluations concerning gay men and lesbians.