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ATLIAssociazione Tipografico Libraria Italiana (Italian: Typographical Association of Italian Libraries)
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Atli took this opinion to the Supreme Rabbinical Court, and managed to convince the judges to rely on their colleagues' ruling and approve the divorce.
29: Atli Danielsen handles in the box after more trickery from Fletcher and Scotland get their second penalty.
And six minutes later there was more woe for the visitors, again from the penalty spot, after Atli Danielsen tripped Fletcher in the area and Miller finally got his first goal of the season from the spot-kick.
He tempted Atli Danielsen into a rash challenge which saw the Faroes man scoop the ball with his hand.
It was always a tough task for Deryn Brace's part-timers away and it took just 19 minutes for Atli Gudnason to pounce at KaplakrikavUllur Stadium.
That was not the way Iceland manager Atli Edvaldsson saw it.
8 goals better than Iceland for their clash at Hampden Park, but goalkeeper Rab Douglas has dismissed Iceland coach Atli Edvaldsson's claims that his team are already out of the running to qualify.
ICELAND coach Atli Edvaldsson gave Scotland a confidence boost when he claimed Berti Vogts' men can beat table-topping Germany and qualify for Portugal 2004.
Dailly's early breakthrough was an important settling factor of course and came after careless defending by Atli Edvaldsson's men.
She turns out to be pregnant, and when she overhears Atli read to his friends a Nazi-like piece he has written, she is horrified and flees the house.
In legend he appears under the name Etzel in the Nibelungenlied and under the name Atli in the Icelanders' sagas.
Gudrun eventually marries Atli (Attila, or Etzel, king of the Huns), who determines to get the treasure hoard, now in the hands of Gudrun 's brothers.