ATLISAIDS Treatment for Life International Survey (International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care; Chicago, IL)
ATLISAccess to Libraries in Swansea (UK)
ATLISAirborne Tracking Laser Identification System
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It is both for the upcoming Atlis XT pickup and a stand-alone product aimed for vehicle builders such as RV manufacturers, step van manufacturers, box truck manufacturers, or anyone looking for a medium to heavy-duty electric platform from which to build.
* Escala FBS, mencionada como de fingimiento (fake-bad) por los autores Lees-Haley, English y Glenn (1991), esta considerada en la literatura e investigaciones cientificas como indicadora de validez del MMPI-2 (Arbisi & Ben-Porath, 1998; Arbisi & Butcher, 2004; Butcher, Arbisi, Atlis & McNulty, 2003; Gola, Donders & Miller, 2002; Greffenstein, Baker, Greiffenstein, Baker, Axerol, Peck & Gervais, 2004; Greve & Bianchini, 2004; Lees-Haley & Fox, 2004; Sanchez Jimenez, Merino & Ampudia, 2007b), aunque en la actualidad (Avila & Jimenez, 1999; Butcher et al., 1989) no forma parte del grupo de escalas de validez en la hoja de perfil del MMPI-2.
Commentary on Bucher, Arbisi, Atlis and McNulty (2003) on the Fake Bad Scale.
This Wednesday, May 10, Joanne Musa, CEO of Tax Lien Consulting, LLC and founder of will give a free preview of her Advanced Tax Lien Investing Secrets (ATLIS) Training.
France has had this capability for some time in the form of the AS 30 L missile, which is carried by Jaguars equipped with Atlis laser targeting pods.
Thomson-CSF is currently producing a CLDP version of the well-proven ATLIS laser weapon delivery system which will have an exchangeable FLIR sensor.
PHOTO : Thomson-CSF's new CLDP derivative of ATLIS has an exchangeable night-capable sensor.
Target acquisition and designation was achieved by day-capable ATLIS II or night and day PDLCT-S pods."
This picture shows an offensive loadout: two Paveway II LGBs with an ATLIS laser designator and video pod.