ATLLAdult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (cancer)
ATLLAnderson Township Little League (Cincinnati, OH)
ATLLAssistive Technology Lending Library
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1991) (2) in Japan, described four cases of ATLL with Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg (HRS)-like cells in lymph nodes.
The clinical presentation of HTLV-1-associated ATLL is still being characterized.
Histopathologic appearance was consistent with a diagnosis of ATLL, and T-cell receptor rearrangement studies revealed a monoclonal band.
ATLL has a strong relationship to HTLV-1, and is usually endemic in areas of Japan, the Caribbean, South America and Africa [62], However, geographic data and HTLV-1 serology status in this study were not reported.
When first described in 1977, ATLL appeared to be confined to southwestern region of Japan.
30% large cells; differentiating and plaques and/or features characteristic of MF * Evidence of systemic disease Features AITL ATLL Skin lesions Multiple Multiple Cell size Variable Variable T cell or B cell T cell predominant, T cell predominant predominant numerous B cells Epidermotropism - + Secondary follicles - - Loss of pan-T-cell + + markers T-cell clone + + B-cell clone - - [PD1.
In addition to the increase in the ATLL stake, capital expenditure in Infrastructure (298 million) also included heavy machinery for projects in Norway, Canada and Ecuador.
Seroepidemiologic studies in HTLV-1 endemic areas further established the relationship between HTLV-1 and ATLL.
Contract notice: Repair services, maintenance and industrial cleaning plant and machinery ATLL CGC, S.
Th1, Th2, and activated T-cell marker and clinical prognosis in peripheral T-cell lymphoma, unspecified: comparison with AILD, ALCL, lymphoblastic lymphoma, and ATLL.