ATMESAtmospheric Transport Model Evaluation Study
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algorithms, Var2 [24] used DE/rand/3/bin as search engine and used feasibility rules [3] as comparison criteria, ASMSDE-2 combines adaptively two DE mutation schemes as search engine and also used feasibility rules [3] as comparison criteria, SR employed ES as the search engine and designed stochastic ranking to make comparison, ATMES used ES as the search engine and proposed an adaptive tradeoff fitness as selection operator, and CBBO-DM combines the BBO and DE mutation operators together.
Table 1 gives the results of six algorithms, our MDEDP, Var2 [24], SAMSDE-2 [24], SR [2], ATMES [9], and CBBO-DM [25] for the first 13 test instances since SR, ATMES, and CBBO-DM solved only the first 13 problems.
For the first 13 test instances, the t-tests are done between our MDEDP and three algorithms, SR, ATMES, and CBBO-DM, on 6 instances (g02, g05, g07, g10, and g13).
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