ATMIAdvanced Technology Materials, Inc.
ATMIAmerican Textile Manufacturers Institute
ATMIAssociation for Technology in Music Instruction
ATMIApplication-to-Transaction Manager Interface
ATMIAdvanced Technical Marketing Inc. (electronic components sales; Redmond, WA)
ATMIAccording to My Information
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It consists of a field of upright poles, similar to those erected at Cuarteron Reef in 2015,' the ATMI noted.
There were three goals for the project: Improved mix quality, higher production capacity and utilities overhaul," says ATMI Operations Manager Mike Pelz, reflecting on a 2015-2016 schedule.
Early last month, the company said it had reached a deal to acquire ATMI for around USD1.
PCT and ATMI will collaborate on a non-exclusive basis enabling PCT and PCT's affiliates to offer to their respective clients access to the Integrity Xpansiontechnology platform from ATMI.
According to ATMI, the Pyrofree vials are the only cost effective, ready-to-use vials guaranteed to be both pyrogen-free and sterile upon delivery.
ATMI LifeSciences is a leader in single-use mixing, storage, and bioreactor technology, fluoropolymer-based products, and custom-engineered, flexible packaging solutions.
Exploratory factor analysis of the ATMI using a sample of high school students resulted in four factors identified as Self-confidence, Value, Enjoyment, and Motivation.
At ATMI, a one-and-a-half page document lists 27 "key roles" of the COO, everything from executing corporate strategy to attending important conferences.
On the average, this means the dollar would need to drop by 30 percent or more in value," said Carlos Moore, ATMI president, in a recent letter to the United States International Trade Commission.
Doug Neugold, ATMI president, said, "ATMI is the only semiconductor environmental company that offers not only all key scrubber technologies, but also the life safety sensors and monitors for each fab production material.
ATMI offers GaAs epitaxial services for the global wireless and telecommunications markets through its III-V division in Phoenix.