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ATMOAustralian Trade Marks Office
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139) Bocaccio Pty Ltd v Hardy Wine Company Ltd [2008] ATMO 16; Redbank Long Paddock Pty Ltd [2007] ATMO 37.
Cai'ni, Atmo Poitou-Charentes, personal communication).
Sheffield, BA, CHT from International ATMO in San Antonio, Texas.
Among the exhibitors enjoying themselves at the Artexpo Preview Party were Guy Mel and Atmo Ronen (below) of Amsterdam-based RONEN ART VISION, and SOLO[TM] artist MARINA ASTE-BUDGE of Laguna Niguel, CA.
THE blast door clatters on to the shingle, throwing up a salty spray into an atmo - sphere already thick with bullets.
Overall, the atmosphere in the classroom was one of busy, engaged preschoolers rather than an atmo sphere that ranged from quiet and sedate to rather chaotic.
it is specified that the holder of the mission atmo will not be able to be candidate within the framework of the consultation on the market of design-realization of the carpark in silo, that it is as member of a grouping or in quality of subcontractor.
atMo ol And 1908 produced plenty of sporting stories, encapsulating the spirit of the games.
A Magic Hour Films production, in co-production with Mouka Filmi, ATMO Media Network, Film i Vast, with the support of the Danish Film Institute, Eurimages, the Swedish Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, Nordic Film & TV Fund, AVEK, Sonning Fonden, Polltiken Fonden, Danish Film Directors, SVT Stockholm, YLE.
I remember one semester when he taught three sections of ATMO 171 (Introduction to Weather and Climate) and his physical climatology course while he also served as head/director.