ATMRAktiva Tertimbang Menurut Risiko (Indonesian: Risk Weighted Assets)
ATMRAsynchronous Transfer Mode Ring (protocol)
ATMRAsynchronous Transfer Mode Router (Alcatel)
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The pH of ATMR silage and LTMR silage stabilized after 14 and 28 d of ensiling, respectively.
After 28 d of ensiling, the time of increase in temperature extended to 120 and 72 h, and aerobic deterioration was observed at 148 and 90 h for ATMR silage and LTMR silage, respectively.
A different pattern was observed in TMR silages: the LAB populations showed a slight downward trend during the first 120 h in ATMR silage and 72 h in LTMR silage, regardless of ensiling time, and then increased gradually until they were stable.
In 28-d and 56-d ATMR silages, pH remained stable until 120 and 216 h, respectively.
For both TMR, the lactic acid concentrations initially increased and then declined during air exposure, peak concentrations were observed at 24 h in ATMR and 12 h in LTMR.
acidilactici lost their dominant position in the later stage of aerobic deterioration in ATMR and LTMR, respectively, P.
Bank of India Indonesia Tbk recorded an increase of 451 basis points in Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) in the first three months of 2012 thanks to cut in ATMR.