ATMRAktiva Tertimbang Menurut Risiko (Indonesian: Risk Weighted Assets)
ATMRAsynchronous Transfer Mode Ring (protocol)
ATMRAsynchronous Transfer Mode Router (Alcatel)
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Non-fermented ATMR and LTMR samples were collected immediately after thorough mixing, and silage samples were collected at the time of silo opening.
The types of loans provided with ATMR incentive include house ownership credit (KPR) with loan to value ratio of not more than 70 percent to have risk burden of 35 percent, down from 40 percent earlier; and business credits : micro, small and medium business credits, were given risk burden of 75 percent down from 85 percent earlier.
In addition, the CP content increased to 15.1% and 12.3% DM in ATMR and LTMR, respectively, improving the utilization of peach pomace as a feed resource.
11/5/DPNP--general 28-01-2009 banks 3 Circular of Bank Indonesia No 27-01-2009 11/3/DPNP--Calculation of ATMR for operational risks by using Base Indicator Approach (PID) 4 Regulation of Bank Indonesia No.
The cash from that competition also linked the hall's CCTV and alarmsystem to a computer atMr Fairbank's home so it can be monitored continually.
The judge said: "The pain and anguish atMr Grundy's loss felt by his loved ones is immeasurable.
31 in 2001, the central bank requires commercial banks to provide capital at least 8% of ATMR.
The soldier and his friends managed to push drunken Gibbons outside a Crosby fast food restaurant, but still hurling abuse, he threw punch atMr Koks and the pair wrestled.
However, ATMR also rose that capital adequacy ratio (CAR) was almost unchanged from 23% on the average.
A witness, woken by the noises at 10.45pm on November 20, 2006, saw a maskedman shooting atMr Duffy while he lay helpless on the floor.
The new policy relaxed rulings on credit restructuring and LLL and calculation of risk weighted assets (ATMR).
Last summer, Williams, a motherof one, launched an appeal against her conviction, claiming she was suffering from "battered wife syndrome" and lashed out atMr Lamont because she thought he was going to "batter her".