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Variables of the study comprises of ROE, Volume of ATM Transactions (ATMT), Volume of POSs Transactions (POST), Volume of Call Center Transactions (CCT) and Volume of Mobile Banking Transactions (MOBT).
It incorporates ATMT, POST, CCT and MOBT as independent/ explanatory variables and ROE as dependent variables of the study.
Table 1 present the descriptive statics of the variables: ROE, ATMT, POST, CCT and MOBT from 2007 to 2014.
Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation (ATMT) system was employed to increase efficacy of genetic manipulation for I.
This ATMT approach can be a good alternative to protoplast-PEG method resulting in higher numbers of transformants (Amey et al., 2002; Fitzgerald et al., 2003; Meyer et al., 2003).
In our results, by applying ATMT to generate random insertional mutants, single-copy T-DNA integration in P.
Since the first application of ATMT on filamentous fungi by De Groot and colleagues [21], this technique is now widely used for the transformation of many fungi.
pyri isolate LXS240101 was successfully transformed using ATMT method, and this procedure was optimized to increase transformation efficiency.
Genetic transformation is a powerful tool to study gene functions of fungi and currently three main methods are in use for fungal transformation including PEG-mediated protoplast transformation, restriction enzyme mediated integration (REMI) transformation, and ATMT transformation [37-40].
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