ATMTAdvanced Targeted Marketing Technology
ATMTAdvanced Technology, Media and Telecommunications
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Table 1 present the descriptive statics of the variables: ROE, ATMT, POST, CCT and MOBT from 2007 to 2014.
ATMT and MOBT have positive and significant relationship with ROE of banks.
LATMT has negative and significant relationship with profitability, which indicates that 1% increase in ATMT leads to 2.
In our results, by applying ATMT to generate random insertional mutants, single-copy T-DNA integration in P.
Each ATMT DAB MP3 player (choice of white, pink or black) rrp pounds 100.
The company's Home ATMT product line takes the universal experience of an ATM and transfers it to the consumer's desktop at home.
The ATMT player is a great package that brings digital radio and portable music to your pocket.
The ATMT player is powered by a single AA battery, giving you up to an amazing 15 hours of digital radio or 50 hours of music playback time.
Each one ATMT 1Gb portable DAB MP3 player (reader's choice of white, pink or black), rrp pounds 100 4.