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ATNFAustralia Telescope National Facility
ATNFAnti-Tumor Necrosis Factor
ATNFAll Tripura National Force (India)
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Although it may appear that, due to elevations in lipid levels, the recommendations for patients receiving tocilizumab suggest more frequent laboratory monitoring than those for patients receiving aTNF therapy, this is not necessarily true.
All animals recovered quickly after surgery, and there were no obvious differences in body weight of the rats among the SP, ACLT + ATNF, and ACLT + NS groups (data not shown).
In the ACLT + ATNF group, the majority of the cartilage surface showed slightly rough appearance without osteophyte formation, the synovial fluid was light yellow, and cartilage degradation was decreased compared with the ACLT + NS group (Figure 1C).
Compared with the ACLT+NS group, BV/TV and Tb.N of the rats in the ACLT + ATNF group were significantly increased while Tb.Sp was markedly decreased (P < 0.05).
However, in the ACLT + ATNF group, there were no significant lesions, slight erosion was observed in the cartilage surface, and the cells re-established an ordered pattern, in which the cells were increased in the superficial zone and flattened in the transitional zone.
The Mankin score in the ACLT + NS group was dramatically higher than that in the SP group, and significantly higher than that in the ACLT + ATNF group.
In the ACLT + ATNF group, the cartilage matrix was slightly and unevenly stained, the cells were in an ordered arrangement, and red staining was reduced in the articular cartilage compared with that in the ACLT + NS group.
In the ACLT + ATNF group, MMP-13 was mainly detected in chondrocytes at and close to the articular surfaces (Figure 4C).
Our study demonstrated that ATNF treatment can inhibit cartilage degradation by decreasing MMP-13 expression related to the modulation of cartilage metabolism in a rat model of OA.
In line with the previous studies, our study confirmed the effects of ATNF treatment on OA, based on gross observations revealing that the majority of the cartilage surface had a smooth surface in the ACLT + ATNF group.
We also showed that both the macroscopic and Mankin scores were significantly lower in the ACLT + ATNF group than in the ACLT + NS group.
In our study, the histomorphometric analysis of subchondral bone showed that ATNF treatment markedly increased the BV/TV, Tb.Th, and Tb.N (Table 2), indicating that the subchondral bone microstructure was improved.