ATOAAurora Tsunami Orphanage Appeal (UK)
ATOAAdventure Tour Operators Association (India)
ATOAActive Transport of Organic Acids
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As such, the relationship between attitudes toward own aging (ATOA) and mental health is best summarized as simple correlation between ATOA and mental health.
As discussed above, past research suggests consumers' beliefs about online advertising are positively associated with their ATOA. A positive ATOA further has a positive influence on consumer responses.
The Board of Trustees of Arab Towns Organization Award (ATOA) has held its 10th meeting here Tuesday to look over 115 nominations for the award.
Os valores apresentados na Tabela 4 nos permitem constatar que: (1) a regressao 3 nos indica que o retorno patrimonial contabil pasado ([r.sup.sub.(t-5,t)]), por si so, tem pouco poder de predicao dos retornos futuros; (2) quando introduzimos [bm.sub.t-5] na regressao 5, que atoa como um controle para o retorno patrimonial esperado de t - 5 a t, a relacao entre retornos patrimoniais pasados ([r.sub.(t-5,t)]) e retornos futuros e ainda mais fraca.
(13.) 'Dialog between Donald Kuspit and Donna Marxer', Artists Talk On Art: Critical Dialog in the Visual Arts, ATOA Panel Transcript, 10 December 2004: (accessed 4/4/08).
(34) Samuelu Atoa, a Samoan Mormon who managed his nation's 1996 Olympic team, claimed that his service in various church positions in Samoa prepared him for the job of leading his athletes.
* New speciality conferences approved for 2002 are: Automation Technology ATOA 2002, Third Annual International Conference on Air Pollution, Total Maximum Daily Load and Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference and Exhibition (AETC).
"Even if we only sent them atoa sting-fork," said one Sparkbrookian, "it would be a gesture." Quite what such a gesture might signify is open to question.
MIDLAND LEAGUE NUNEATO ATOA N Griff were finally tamed 5-3 in a thrilling Division One match against Uttoxeter Town.