ATOAAurora Tsunami Orphanage Appeal (UK)
ATOAAdventure Tour Operators Association (India)
ATOAActive Transport of Organic Acids
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0% of the variation in Y can be explained by all predictors (or accounted for by) the variation in X Regression coefficients of three out of four positive belief factors such as information seeking, economy and hedonism beliefs significantly and positively predict ATOA among Malays.
044 Table2: Rotated component matrix for belief factor toward ATOA (a) Component Variables INF CRE HED ECO INF1 .
Consumers' beliefs about online advertising have a positive effect on their ATOA.
Five items were used to measure ATOA on a 5-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).
ATOA were statistically significant predictors of both online ad clicking and frequency of online shopping.
ANOVA indicated that there was a statistically significant difference of ATOA among the three countries (F (2, 774) = 61.
Among the five factors, the economy belief played the most important role in predicting ATOA.
Findings also suggested that ATOA positively and significantly predicted ad clicking and online shopping experience.
The results showed significant differences of beliefs and ATOA among the three demographic variables.
However, Employees exhibited more negative ATOA than did Entrepreneurs and the lowest trust toward online advertising among the three groups.