ATOFMSAerosol Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
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The same aerosol suite (aerosol size distribution, aerosol mass, aerosol composition, CCN) and precipitation sampling systems used in previous CalWater 1 efforts were used in the early start campaign Additionally, aerosol filter collections were made for biological and ice nucleating particle analyses extending across the entire mixed-phase cloud temperature regime, and the first field linkage of the CFDC with an ATOFMS to measure the compositions of aerodynamically separated ice crystals [activated ice nucleus (IN)] from the CFDC [using a pumped counterflow virtual impactor (PCVI)].
The DOE G-1 came as part of ACAPEX, along with ice nucleating particle measurements online by CFDC and offline using filter collections, ATOFMS, and a major suite of cloud microphysics sensors.
Prather, 1997: Realtime analysis of individual atmospheric aerosol particles: Design and performance of a portable ATOFMS.