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ATOKAdvanced Technology of Kana-Kanji Transfer (Japanese translation)
ATOKAsociaci Textilního-Odevního-Kožedelného (Czech: Czech Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Industry, Czech Republic)
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Balao served as Atok's Municipal Secretary for 18 years and another six years as its budget officer.
Meanwhile, Ginoban was brought to Atok Municipal Police Station for further investigation.
The whole of Atok, Buguias, Kabayan, Kapangan, Makayan, Sablan and Tublay will also be affected on April 23.
Kampung Ulu Atok in Raub was hit by floods early today, forcing the evacuation of 107 people.
Aljune Atok suffers from visual impairment, having completely lost sight in his left eye.
By Atok Dan Baguoot February 17, 2011 -- Since the opening of doors of all kind of freedoms including freedom of expression as a necessity to have freedom reigns in our hearts and huts, pen-holding colleagues called journalists or public writers started exploiting the market with their abilities.
Lebowa Platinum (Leplat), which is controlled by Rustenburg and which operates the Atok mine, sacked its entire workforce over a strike and replaced the men with contract workers.
While we can keep appreciating the sakura - whether in Atok or in Tokyo-and while we should be critical of what gets to be considered culturally or botanically 'indigenous,' uncovering our naturalized bias for the 'foreign' can open up new ways of imagining the country - not (just) as an economy in need of 'development' but as our ecological home, one where our calling is to let both plants and people grow.
For years, the frost phenomenon has been happening in a small area in Barangay Paoay in Atok.