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ATOLAir Travel Organisers' Licensing (UK)
ATOLAir Travel Organiser's Licence (UK)
ATOLAssembling the Tree of Life (research project; National Science Foundation)
ATOLAir Traffic Operations Laboratory (US NASA; Hampton, VA)
ATOLAssisted Takeoff & Landing
ATOLAffordable Technology On-Line
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We urge all travellers to check the veracity of websites' claims to hold an ATOL by using our Check an ATOL tool on the CAA website.
And almost half (43 per cent) of holidaymakers see ATOL protection as a 'holiday essential.
This is in stark contrast to those who are over 55 - who are three times more concerned about having ATOL protection when booking a break.
Having an ATOL certificate means that your holiday is financially protected, so if the worst happens and your travel company goes bust, you will still be able to get home and will not lose your hard-earned cash.
But it emerged on Tuesday that the vast majority of the 860,000 people who had flights and holidays cancelled will not receive an automatic refund, with administrators KPMG estimating that just 10%-15% of customers have bookings protected by Atol.
com exaggerated Atol protection, with the former incorrectly telling researchers "on several occasions" that they would be covered despite only purchasing a flight.
A CAA statement said: "The Atol renewal process is ongoing and the CAA will conclude the processing of applications from approximately 1300 Atol holders in the next 24 hours.
The new legislation will ensure ATOL protection extends to passengers who book flights, hotels or car hire that are not sold as package holidays.
If they're redirected within 24 hours of booking seats, they will be covered by ATOL from next year.
Most UK tour operators are required to hold an ATOL licence, without which they cannot usually sell air travel.
In a statement, Monarch said: "Monarch has successfully concluded discussions with the Civil Aviation Authority to extend its ATOL licence, for which it thanks the CAA.