ATOMMAdvanced Super Thin Layer and High Output Metal Media
ATOMMAdvanced Super Thinlayer and High-Output Metal Media
ATOMMAssociation of Taxi Operators in Metro Manila (Philippines)
ATOMMHIV/AIDS Total Management Model (comprehensive client-centred HIV/AIDS program)
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The chief engineer of the ATOMM project Andrei Gavrilov noted that the project was developed on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan and added that this kind of tourist services will be very popular in the North Caucasus.
ATOMM stands for Advanced super Thin-layer and high-Output Metal Media.
Another example of an MP product is Fujifilm's ATOMM technology.
Through its format neutrality and the incorporation of its ATOMM coating technology, Fujifilm has been instrumental in the development of next-generation, removable storage technologies.
Borrowing elements from Fujifilm's renowned film coating process, ATOMM incorporates a unique, ultra-thin, dual coating system.
At the core of the success is Fujifilm's patented ATOMM (Advanced super-Thin layer and high-Output Metal Media) technology.
Fujifilm's Super DLTtape media will also be based on ATOMM technology, specially configured to Super DLTtape architecture.