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ATOOAt Time of Occurrence
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My daughter said, "I thought of Atoo the whole time I was in labor.
ATOO much water would be the amount of water your kidneys are unable to excrete but most people with healthy kidneys would have to drink many litres per day to approach this level.
ATOO many teachers reward unoriginality and obedience - and punish original and creative thinking.
Atoo has been in the heart of Birmingham for 16 years and was voted one of Britain's 10 Best Independent Menswear Shops by Esquire magazine.
aToo many grannies mean an unfed childa is the Bulgarian equivalent of atoo many cooks spoil the brotha.
I offered several choices for the text--all austere, all beautiful, many obscure--and not one, my daughter told me, right for her beloved Atoo. I'm glad I listened, for, while my mother had her own beauty, she was never austere, and never, ever obscure.
ATOO - ETHEL STREET ( Voted one of Britain's Ten Best Independent Menswear Shops by Esquire magazine, Atoo is a go-to destination for alternative streetwear, luxury denim and hard-to-find labels from around the world.
He poked me and whispered, "Ma-Maw, Atoo's taking out her teeth." Then, more quietly, for Eamon is a kind soul "It's kind of gross."
Alice Atoo's daughter and 15 other children were kidnapped from her village of Lagwimg.