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ATPAAndean Trade Preference Act
ATPAAssociated Third Party Administrators
ATPAAmerican Tractor Pullers Association
ATPAArkansas Timber Producers Association
ATPAActive Transmit Phased Array (Antenna)
ATPAAutomobile Prevention Authority
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The cornerstone of the program, and the key to its ongoing success, is the fact that it was first and foremost a program developed for loggers by loggers," said ATPA Executive Director Larry Boccarossa.
trade with ATPA countries is related to petroleum and natural gas.
ATPA renewal would serve to strengthen the credibility of democratically-elected governments in the region and provide them with a clear demonstration of the benefits of continuing to cooperate on counternarcotics.
The ATPA, which expires at the end of 2001 but could be extended, was designed to promote alternatives to illegal coca cultivation in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.
See ATPA, Fonds Soury: "Affichettes divers" (green and black marble binder), items 61.
One group that particularly supports Colombia's decertification is the California rose industry, which has been hurt by competition from cheap Colombian flower exports flowing into the United States duty-free thanks to ATPA.
The Texas State legislature created the ATPA in 1991 with the express purpose of reducing the motor vehicle theft rate in Texas.
Extending these programs will immediately boost the economic competitiveness of American businesses that rely on the ready supply of globally-sourced inputs made possible by GSP and ATPA tariff exemptions, while spurring economic activity in developing nations.
The FRA and ATPA said In-Woods Expo 2004 "will showcase harvesting equipment in the kind of mixed terrain that gives new technologies special challenges.
With this acquisition, ATPA strengthens its leadership position as a national, Taft-Hartley focused services provider that delivers comprehensive and excellent administration services to Trusts of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada.