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ATPAAndean Trade Preference Act
ATPAAssociated Third Party Administrators
ATPAAmerican Tractor Pullers Association
ATPAArkansas Timber Producers Association
ATPAActive Transmit Phased Array (Antenna)
ATPAAutomobile Prevention Authority
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21) Colombia's status as a beneficiary country under ATPA ended when the U.
To convert into a permanent system these ATPA trade preferences had been present in Colombian foreign policies since the Gaviria government.
Thus, Peruvian policymakers and export-oriented producers were eager to lock in ATPA preferences with the negotiation of the Peru-US FTA (De la Flor 2010), as the US Congress had failed to renew this bill in 2001-02, and the trade and investment hit suffered by the Peruvian private sector had been palpable.
6 billion, which represents 54 percent of US exports to ATPA members (Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru).
g) ATP 613P, ATPA 674P and ATP 733P (100%, reducing to 25% post farmout)
Aunque de cierta forma beneficiados por el acuerdo de libre comercio ATPA con Estados Unidos, Peru y Colombia vieron una reduccion en las compras de telas y confecciones por ese pais durante el ano pasado.
Further, the regional programs serve specific foreign policy interests--for example, ATPA complements counternarcotics efforts.
Las preferencias arancelarias del ATPA contribuyeron a lo anterior, mientras que su sucesor, el ATPDEA esta contribuyendo aun mas; sin embargo, la inherente incertidumbre de tales preferencias --al ser concedidas unilateral y temporalmente-- las hace poco apropiadas para estimular una ola de inversiones significativa.
Besides that, Ocampo (2007: 56) defends that the maintenance of some non-tariff barriers was partly responsible for the lack of effectiveness of ATPA in increasing Colombian exports to the US.
The agreement solidifies many of the trading practices that were in place since 1991 under the ATPA, which was set to expire in December of 2006.
The same is also true, for example, of the ATPA movement.