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ATPAAndean Trade Preference Act
ATPAAssociated Third Party Administrators
ATPAAmerican Tractor Pullers Association
ATPAArkansas Timber Producers Association
ATPAActive Transmit Phased Array (Antenna)
ATPAAutomobile Prevention Authority
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The analysis of sequence data of 16 frequently studied housekeeping genes (atpA, dnaE, dnaK, fusA, leuA, odhI, rpoB, atpD, groES, groEU, groEL2, inf B, recA, recN, rpoA, and sodA) of 15 C.
En este sentido, adquiere especial relevancia la Agenda de Transformacion Productiva Amazonica (ATPA).
La valeur ajoutee degagee par l'industrie automobile a partir des reexportations en suite d'admissions temporaires pour perfectionnement actif (ATPA), s'eleve a 10,5 milliards DH en 2011 contre 9,8 milliards DH en 2012, soit respectivement 47,1 % et 39,5 % de la valeur des reexportations en suite d'ATPA.
Imports from Colombia: Duty-Free and ATPA Contacts Author Contact Information February 14, 2014
This scheme is based on the nested amplification and sequencing of the seven housekeeping loci atpA, dnaN, fumC, glyA, mdh, pheS, and sucA and is designed to provide a detailed description of A.
According to the Guardian, Ecuador government has renounced Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA) with Washington, in order to thwart US 'blackmail' of Ecuador in Snowden's asylum request.
Of particular interest to this development are: the polyether polyamides (PEPA), ester terminated polyamides (PEPA), ester terminated polyester-amides (ETPEA) and the tertiary amide terminated polyamides (ATPA), trade name Sylvagel A200 and Sylvagel A2614V; especially the Sylvagel A2614V.
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