ATPBAs the Palaces Burn (Lamb of God album)
ATPBAsphalt-Treated Permeable Base (construction)
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The PAC had directed the ATPB to find a way so that the wealth would remain with the federation in consultation with all departments concerned and in accordance with law.
The PAC directed the ministry to ensure physical examination of this wealth and develop a strategy in consultation of with all stakeholders to resolve the matter.The audit officials informed the committee that ATPB had invested an amount of Rs2.40 billion in infamous banks in 2006.However, the secretary religious affairs said that this matter is sub judice.
Expressing concern over irregularities in land and investment agreements between ATPB and DHA, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament Tuesday summoned director DHA on next meeting.
Angiosperm phylogeny inferred from a combined data set of 18S rDNA, rbcL and atpB sequences.
2007.Molecular phylogeny of horsetails (Equisetum) including chloroplast atpB sequences.
Recent phylogenetic analysis using atpB, rbcL, and ndhF genes from chloroplast and ITS gene from nucleus was the reason to combine Malvaceae s.s and Bombacaceae into Malvaceae s.l.
A comparison and combination of plastid atpB and rbcL gene sequences for inferring phylogenetic relationships within Orchidaceae.
Summary: Another sign of how the dynamics of the global financial crisis, especially the on-going euro zone debt crisis and the credit crunch, are affecting more stable economies in the emerging countries and where relevant including their Islamic finance and especially sukuk market, is the postponement of the proposed sukuk offerings of two of Turkey's participation banks, Al Baraka Turk Katilim Bankasi (Albaraka Turk Participation Bank (ATPB) and Bank Asya.
To date, the primary DNA sequences that have been used to infer higher order angiosperm phylogenies include the mitochondrial genes atpA, cox1, SSU, the chloroplast genes rbcL psaA, psbB and atpB, and the nuclear small ribosomal subunit (18S).
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