ATPCAutomatic Transmitter Power Control
ATPCAutomatic Transmit Power Control (radio, wireless)
ATPCAsian Thermophysical Properties Conference
ATPCAlternate Text Production Center (Braille, eText)
ATPCAppraisal of the Technologies of Political Control
ATPCAssociation of Tin Producing Countries
ATPCAgent Technologies for Pervasive Communities
ATPCArmy Times Publishing Company, Inc (Springfield, VA)
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ATPC also features a dedicated launch feature, allowing the vehicle to pull away smoothly and easily, even on problematic low-friction surfaces like ice, snow or wet grass.
The ATPC system also features a 'launch' feature that enables the vehicle to pull away smoothly on potentially problematic low-friction surfaces such as ice, snow or wet grass.
Therefore, the proposed ATPC algorithm largely reduces the energy consumption of WSSs by adaptively saving the energy consumption of control packets.
The ATPC, through its policy advisory services to RECs and member states, is providing technical support to help address some of these challenges.
The ATPC has just told me it's rescinding a licence issued in good faith a few months ago, for a phrase that seemed plausible at the time, but has now been discovered to have a fundamental flaws: "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction that are a danger to the world.
This upper limit is relaxed in later specifications for 23 GHz radios to 50 dB above threshold, or --30 dBm, and when ATPC is implemented, the dynamic range is relaxed to 40 dB.
In a joint statement issued in Brussels and Washington, the ACEA and ATPC said their member companies "have no desire to protect their domestic markets.
The ACEA and ATPC have condemned the veritable arsenal of measures (technical and financial trade barriers, media campaigns and intimidation by official authorities) which have resulted in virtually non-existent sales of US and European cars in Korea.
European and American automakers are no longer prepared to accept the growing lack of reciprocity and fairness in automotive trade,' Acea secretary general Mr Camille Blum and Mr Stephen Collins, president of the ATPC, said in a joint statement.
In fact, I often think the name of this organization should be the ATPC or Alaska Tourism Promotion Council.
Stricter export controls and an apparent desire to restrict smuggling indicate that the worst may be over but skepticism remains about China's ability to adhere to ATPC targets in coming years.
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