ATPCAutomatic Transmitter Power Control
ATPCAutomatic Transmit Power Control (radio, wireless)
ATPCAsian Thermophysical Properties Conference
ATPCAlternate Text Production Center (Braille, eText)
ATPCAppraisal of the Technologies of Political Control
ATPCAssociation of Tin Producing Countries
ATPCAgent Technologies for Pervasive Communities
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ATPC also features a dedicated launch feature, allowing the vehicle to pull away smoothly and easily, even on problematic low-friction surfaces like ice, snow or wet grass.
However, the most significant change is the introduction of All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) which makes the Discovery even more sure-footed on and off road, and will be of particular attraction to farmers.
"Diversification: Towards a New Paradigm for Africa's Development." ATPC Work in Progress No.
Optochin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae: phenotypic and molecular characterization of isolates from Brazil with description of five novel mutations in the atpC gene.
Capacitacao dos educadores: foi realizada ao longo de 4 semanas consecutivas, durante a carga horaria de trabalho, sendo agendada sempre nas "Aulas de Trabalho Pedagogico Coletivo" (ATPC) destinada, sobretudo, a formacao continuada dos educadores.
Additional energy savings of around 20% have been made in the Outdoor Unit (ODU) with its Adaptive Modulation Radio (AMR) and Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) capabilities.
ATPC allows the driver to input a desired speed, either from rest or an existing speed, without any pedal inputs once the brake is released.
The Alternate Text Production Center (ATPC) of the California Community Colleges (Alternate Text Production Center, n.d.) demonstrates the power of a system-wide service by supporting the e-text accessibility needs of over 112 community colleges.
In addition, more throughput can be achieved by adapting an adaptive transmission power control (ATPC) [1, 2] in the case of a fading communication channel.
He, "ATPC: adaptive transmission power control for wireless sensor networks," in Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys '06), pp.
Existing solutions such as transmission power control and blacklisting PCBL [1], adaptive transmission power control ATPC [2], and adaptive and robust topology control ART [3] use parameters like received signal strength indicator (RSSI) or packet receive rate (PRR) to evaluate the quality of a link.
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