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ATPCOAirline Tariff Publishing Company
ATPCOArmy Times Publishing Company, Inc.
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As the ATPCO standards continue to evolve, Travelport will facilitate exact comparisons across airlines' full range of products, whether for online agencies, corporate booking tools or Travelport's own travel agency desktop solution, Smartpoint.
NDC Exchange is a community platform created by ATPCO and SITA that enables API connectivity between airlines and sellers using New Distribution Capability (NDC), an XML-based data transmission standard set by IATA.
Now that Southwest Airlines has partnered with ATPCO and SITA, the Dallas-based airline has a simple way to connect and expand its offers to multiple distribution points that are already connected to NDC Exchange.
The acquisition enhances ATPCO's distribution ecosystem by making their centralised platform an outlet for airfare data and rich quality content.
ATPCO offers the airline industry a single source for complete fare-related data through travel data services and solutions, including revenue accounting and decision support systems.
This persistent focus on cost containment led ATPCO last year to review its approach to data protection for its distributed environment and evaluate whether there was a more cost-effective and resilient process to help improve data integrity and support near continuous operations.
ATPCO and Blockskye have released a white paper that explores key features of its blockchain and the application to airline distribution, the company said.
We already connect travel buyers through the airline database ATPCo to more than 280 ancillaries.
The upgraded Sabre Branded Fares solution allows airlines to utilise ATPCO industry technology standards to distribute their branded fares to more than 425,000 travel agents as well as online travel agencies (OTAs) via Sabre's travel marketplace.
The system uses data filed by airlines with ATPCO and gives travel agencies a robust tool for obtaining baggage fee/allowance information without having to send customers to airline websites.
ATPCO and SITA announced that the leading global travel search site Skyscanner has joined NDC Exchange, a platform that enables content interoperability across the airline distribution ecosystem and is a trusted bridge between the International Air Transport Associations (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) and traditional distribution methods.
Fareportal announced today it has integrated Routehappy by ATPCO Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) into its seat selection map to show flight shoppers photos of the selected seat with a description of associated features before booking a flight, the company said.